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artists - how to join Ginger White
We are always on the look out for talented artists to join us, to offer our clients the latest contemporary designs.
Frequently we're asked about the type of artwork we promote. We aren't restricted by particular art styles; nor overly swayed by an artist reputation. We focus on what our customers like - art that's uplifting, inspiring, modern and a bit different. Whilst always making sure its suitable for our target market (mainly offices and businesses). Take a look at our collection
If you feel that your artwork is suitable, we're happy to hear from you.

First step is to send us some example images of your work - click here for guidance.
We hold monthly meetings to review all artist submissions. If we think your artwork is suitable we'll contact you to discuss two options with you.

   Option 1 - we offer to purchase or commission your artwork.
   Option 2 - we offer you a longer term rental share agreement.

Sometimes it can be a mix of both options.

Note for digital images and/or photography, we can also offer artists a licensing arrangement. We take care of producing the physical piece of art (be it on canvas, perspex or framed print). And the artist receives a royalty fee each time their image is printed.
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