r frampton
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The artist writes: “...My landscape-based abstract paintings are concerned with layering and texture to produce almost archaeological substrata appearing quarried from the raw materials of the landscape itself. I use collage and small obsessively detailed areas of drawing to build up surfaces that have both formal compositional elements and take advantage of chance occurrences in the painterly process.

I am deeply interested in the light and colour that resides in the wild places, from the sea cliffs of West Brittany to the Moorlands of Devon.

I attempt to synthesise the many elements of a place into a final work - building complex surfaces,using layering techniques, retaining both detail and clarity, thus creating a charged union of the formal and textural aspects.

The division of painted space using a ‘horizon’ is a strong theme in my work, depicting both an actual line of disappearance and acting as a metaphor for the balance that resides in the natural world"

Portsmouth College of Arts 1978 - 9
Exeter College of Art and Design(BA Hons, FineArt) 1979 -83
Exeter University PGCE Art and Design 1993 -94
Plymouth University MA FineArt-Post GradDiploma 1998 -2001

"I have exhibited widely in South West England and in London at the major London Art Fairs, British Art Fair, Dublin Art Fair and London Contemporary Art Fair. My work is in private collections in Europe, Japan and the USA...”

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