GingerWhite - Question Time
Below a list of common questions we're asked, grouped by topics.
topic 1 - general
  • how long is the rental contract?

  • 12 months, with a 10-day free trial period.

  • do you provide short-term rentals?

  • yes - from 1 day to a few weeks. Just contact our friendly & professional team who will be delighted to help you and provide a quote.

  • is there a minimum order size?

  • yes - minimum order size of 2 pieces in London and 5 pieces outside of London.

  • where do you offer your service?

  • GingerWhite in E2, Bethnal Green, in east London. Our service for offices and businesses covers the Greater London region and the Home Counties. For private homes, we cover Greater London. Click here for more details.

  • what if I am based outside of these areas?

  • we may still be able to help, so contact us. Note we may just need to charge more to reflect delivery times, depending on your order size.

    topic 2 - delivery & installation
  • who delivers and installs the paintings?

  • we do - our professional team takes care of all delivery and installation. We don't out source the work, so to be 100% sure the installation is right

  • what are your delivery times?

  • we arrange convenient delivery times to suit your business needs (if required, this can be outside normal working hours and at weekends).

  • how often do you change the pictures?

  • we come to rotate the artwork every 6, 12 or 24 months, depending upon the rotation plan you choose (different frequencies are available if required).

  • when you change a picture, are there lots of holes left in the wall?

  • no - rotation is quick and clean, using our picture hanging system (optional extra)

  • are the pictures secure?

  • yes - they are firmly secured to the wall, so they cannot easily be removed nor knocked over.

    topic 3- artwork
  • where do you source the artwork from?

  • we source our artwork from a mixture of established full-time artists and from talented emerging artists, from the UK or abroad.

  • what is the style of the artwork you rent?

  • our artwork is uplifting, inspiring and modern, with an occasional twist of humour

  • will renting your artwork make our workplace a happier place?

  • yes.

  • i'm an artist - how can I work with you?

  • great, we'd love to hear from you - see submission guidelines on our website.

  • do I get a say in selecting the artwork?

  • yes - the choice is entirely yours:

    a) some customers prefer us to choose the artwork for them (based on our experience and knowledge of their likes and dislikes)

    b) others select the artwork themselves, based on options we send (in the unlikely event you don't like the options, we will send new ones)

    c) others allow their staff to vote, using our online selection tool (we will then process the scores for you and let you know the outcome)

    Or sometimes our clients prefer a mix of the above
    topic 4- payment & costs                                   
  • when are rental payments made?

  • For offices and businesses, we invoice quarterly in advance.
    For private homes, payment is monthly (via Direct Debit).

  • are there any other costs?

  • yes - if you are based outside of London, a delivery surcharge fee applies (this varies by location, typically £95 in Home Counties).

    You also have the option of purchasing the picture hanging system, at 48 per picture including fitting (or we will hang the pictures for free using conventional picture hooks & pins)

  • is the art insured?

  • usually our clients standard business contents insurance policy will already cover the rented art. If not, then the cheapest method is for our clients to arrange a simple extension to their existing policy (we'll help by providing a certificate of value). Or we can quote to provide insurance for you.

  • how do I pay?

  • For offices and businesses, by BACS electronic transfer or cheque (we invoice you each quarter)
    For private homes, by Direct Debit (monthly payments) or via cheque (1 annual payment).

  • how do you keep your costs so low?

  • with our on-line presence, we don't have the high overheads of galleries, art shops or consultancies. We pass these savings onto you.
    we work hard finding up and coming talented artists, to gain stunning and uplifting artwork at sensible prices.
    being a rental specialist provides economies of scale, compared with most of our competitors who focus on sales.
    we are geared up for delivery and installations with our own GingerWhite vans and dedicated team of installers. This cuts costs compared with our competitors who commonly outsource the work.
    with our unique "Rent & Rotate"™ service, we have higher delivery volumes, which via some smart scheduling, gives further savings.

  • can I cancel the contract?

  • yes - after the agreed minimum rental period, we ask for 3 months written notice.

    topic 5 - other services
  • do you sell your artwork also?

  • yes - most of our art rental collection is also available to purchase, with prices from 300 to 700. Click here for more info.

  • can you commission bespoke artwork?

  • yes - if you're looking for something very specific that's not shown on our website we can help. Click here for more info.

  • can you frame some of our corporate posters?

  • yes - we offer a comprehensive picture framing service. Click here for more info.

  • can you turn our images into artwork ready to hang on the wall?

  • yes - please see our printing studio, click here for more info.

  • can you supply and fit picture hanging systems?

  • yes - we can quote for supplying, and if required installing, a range of picture hanging systems. Click here for more info.

  • our workplace is noisy, with sound echo and reverberation problems - can you help?

  • yes - our acoustic panels, cleverly disguised as a piece of art, help absorb sound. Click here for more info.

    topic 6- contacting us
  • do you have a mailing list?

  • yes, click here to receive our free quarterly newsletter.

  • what should I do if I have any other questions?

  • please contact us we'd love to hear from you.