Picture Hanging Rail Systems

  We supply a range of professional picture hanging rail systems to allow customers to hang art in a professional way and be able to easily change pictures without making holes in the walls.

Each system comprises 3 main components:
1) a slim white rail that fits to the top of the wall (usually 2m long)
2) a pair of see-through vertical hangers (called perlons). These perlons securely slide along the rail left to right.
3) a hook which attaches to the picture being hung, and slides up and down the perlon. The hooks are hidden out of view behind the back of the picture.

See below for example photos of the picture hanging system installed on client walls:

The main benefits of using picture hanging systems are:
  • safe and secure method of hanging pictures
  • when you change a picture, rotation is quick and clean with no holes in your walls
  • easy to make final adjustments to ensure all picture are perfectly level and hung to the clients satisfaction (e.g. down a bit, to the right) without new holes in the wall.
  • additional security clips are available to deter theft of artwork in public spaces

  • Visit our sister website to purchase Picture Hanging Rail Systems

    Our sister website, Picture Display Systems, supplies a range of picture hanging rail systems, direct to homes and corporate clients, including galleries, museums, shops, colleges, hospitals, offices, architects and fit-out companies. Go to: www.picturedisplaysystems.co.uk or visit our our London showroom at 103 Roman Road.

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